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An indispensable gift-souvenir for the little ones and a great tour!

You'll skip the line and visit the best-known symbols of Roman history: the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill.

Soon after booking you’ll receive the confirmation plus a “fact sheet” in PDF, that contains some kids friendly information about Ancient Rome to tease their interest before they go.

Language: English

Duration: 3 hours

Includes: Private officially licensed guide - a surprise for every kid - skip the line service - entrance ticket and reservation fees - headsets

Meeting Point: Details can be found on the voucher we provide after booking.

$345.00up to 4 people



“Edutainment” is our key-word: do not miss the chance to make it enjoyable for your children.

The whole tour is structured as a visit to a game: the guide will have a fantastic MAGIC BOOK with a series of exclusive visual aids: reproductions of the Colosseum, the palace of Domitian on Palatine Hill, the Roman Senate or the Temple of Vesta in the Roman Forum.

Reproductions pop up with thumbnails of characters like gladiators, the twins Romulus and Remus, Julius Caesar, the senators, the Emperor and the Empress. Each of these elements will be easily recognizable after the guide has them presented in more detail with simple language appropriate for the age of the children in the group. At each stage there will be an initial explanation of the place and the people who were there, then the animated characters that usually occupied that building or place will be introduced. This visit-game aims to bring the kids to the ancient history of the city of Rome by analyzing the most outstanding aspects of everyday life and fun of the ancient Romans.

The interactive nature of the visit will also be the means by which the young explorers will be able to understand and memorize everything that is told. The media usage is designed to give visual aids to the kids, allowing them to assimilate information regarding history, religion, politics and Roman architecture thanks to those images fixed in the mind. The tour begins in the Coliseum: first of all the guide will find a spot before going actually inside where the kids could sit in a circle (like around a teacher at school) and she/he could introduce the “Magic Book” and how it works and explain a bit about what they are going to see before going inside. Once inside it goes on with an explanation and visit of the entire monument: from the history of the building to the shows with gladiators and animals that were kept inside, with particular attention, given the type of visit, to the aspect which is certainly the best known and loved by kids.

You cannot imagine how many questions your kids will ask and the guide will be happy to satisfy every curiosity!

The second visit is the Palatine Hill, a beautiful archaeological park where you can still see the remains of ancient imperial palaces and imagine how it was organized in the days of the imperial family, including games, banquets and councils. The last stop is the Roman Forum, the political, economic and social center of the city: here the kids will learn to recognize a triumphal arch and a basilica; they’ll learn about the goddess Vesta and the incredible story of the Vestal Virgins; they’ll see the place where Julius Caesar was cremated and the Senate House, one of the few ancient buildings still perfectly preserved.

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